A Dream to Make "DD Stitches To Fit" a Reality

 For Mrs. Dorine Nnenna Udogu, a graduate in Education Mathematics from Imo State University, her passion and dream is to establish her fashion designing company with the name,  DD Stitches to Fit. In this interview with Weddings Trends, she revealed that her love for fashion and design is a gift she inherited from her mother.
Mrs. Dorine Nnenna Udogu
Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My names are Mrs. Dorine Nnenna Udogu. I am a mother of three, but lost one to the cold hands of death. I am from Obingwa Local Government in Abia State by birth, and married to an Anambra man. I am a first child with five siblings, and a widow. I graduated from Imo State University, where I studied Education Mathematics. I love fashion and God so much.

What informed the idea of fashion design?
Actually, I have always loved fashion from my teenage days. I love to look good without breaking a bank. I will say that it’s a trait from my mother. She is a fashionable and creative woman. My going into fashion design is like giving birth to a baby that has been nurtured in the womb with so much love and passion. It’s a dream come true. No one will believe me when I say I see some of my designs in my dream. Whenever I see and feel a fabric, I know what style will be best for that fabric. So, becoming a fashion designer for me is like bringing a passion to reality.

How long have you been designing clothes?
It’s been few months since I started, but the love I have for it has made me increase in speed.

Who are your customers?
Mrs. Dorine Nnenna Udogu

My customers are not be limited to people I design for, but also people that I advise on the right fabric to choose when they want to sew a particular style.

Do you design wedding dresses for brides or you design for brides and grooms?
For now, I don't design wedding dresses. But with time, I will go for that because I will enlarge my coast. I intend to be versatile and flexible in fashion.

What are the challenges you experience as a designer in Nigeria?
The primary challenge I experience is lack of constant power supply. The light problem in Nigeria affects us in the area of ironing. U have to straighten a fabric while sewing. Secondly, the hike in the prices of sewing materials is alarming. Sewing materials used to be very affordable before now. When you buy sewing materials at a very expensive cost, you end up making little profit.

Any word of advice for interested designers or upcoming designers?
My little word of advice for aspiring designers is to be focused. When you lose focus you lose your vision.

Do you have any last words?
I love everyone who in one way or the other helped me during my struggles. I am grateful to those who stood by me, believed in me, and cared for me in several ways. Together, we all will make "DD Stitches To Fit" a reality. I also want to thank you all at Weddings Trends for this opportunity. It means a lot to me. That means we are going places very soon. Thanks a whole lot.

How can customers find you?
My Facebook wall Dorine Darlington Obi is the best and fastest place to reach me.

Pictures submitted by Mrs. Dorine Nnenna Udogu

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